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Welcome to our blog

This blog is our window to the rest of the world. Through this platform our sponsored children, the teachers, our mentors, volunteer workers and other KCE staff can share their personal experiences of our projects, our activities, the Education Centre and much much more.

The blog is our way of sharing and communicating all the fun and developing things happening here at KCE in this otherwise quite tough world.  We also want to provide these smart and creative children a "voice of their own", so that they can tell you their own stories and share their thoughts with people outside of the Kibera area. This is also a great opportunity for you to peek into this exciting and adventurous lifestyle, and also become a part of these youngsters life through the KCE blog.

“We are stronger when we listen, and smarter when we share.” ― Rania Al-Abdullah  

So please feel free to enable the function of two-way communication and comment on the blog updates.     .  
October 7, 2014 | 0 comments
President Uhuru kenyatta has appointed Deputy president William Samoei Ruto as acting president for the time he will be away. This follows International criminal court summon that president Uhuru kenyatta received recently. President kenyatta has done this following the spirit of the Kenyan constitution that says "When the president is absent or temporarily incapacitated and during any other time that the president decides the Deputy president shall act as...
My name is Geoffrey Mwicha ,I am 14 years old and in standard eight at Toi primary school.I lost both my parents at an early age and this forced me to put up with my grand parents who are in their seventies and hence cannot do any job to provide for basic rights and needs for themselves,my siblings and I. I thank KCE and all the sponsors for stepping in to ensure that I get all that I need in education.I also thank KCE for giving me a place to call home after our single...
Among the challenges they face are: 1.The children live in violent neighborhoods. 2.Lack of basic services such as tap water,toilets,electricity or heat.Many homes lack furniture.The children sleep on folded card boards. 3.Parents often lock their children in the home when they leave to find work. 4. Impossibility to keep living spaces clean.Lack of soap or cleaning products and very limited water.Walls and floor are often made of mud or materials such as card...
Our school motto is "In pursuit of excellence and integrity". Here the pupils get all their basic needs in school and there is high level of discipline from both the pupils and the teachers. The school has facilities which makes it a better place for learning. It has also a well equipped laboratory for experiments. There is also a well equipped library in Nyanza and water supply is in plenty. We also have clubs and society which enables us to go for school trips...
The good thing about our school is that there are good structures and the pupils are willing to learn under low supervision because of good learning materials. Pupils are able to perform better because teachers are trying to accomplish the syllabus on time. The disadvantage of Olympic is that the compound is filled with structures which leaves no space for playing due to high population of pupils. The pupils also don't go for education tours making the...
The schools are now opening from Monday for the third term. This is a term which determines whether you will move to the next class or not. If you wont make it to the next level you are the repeater but if you make it you are called promoted. Probably those who repeat the classes are the last ten pupils from each class at primary level. But at secondary level it keeps on varying, ie it can be from grade D and below. This is a term where no pupil is...
August 28, 2014 | 0 comments
What a day for the kids! The first week since closure of the schools for the second term break. The kids are coming in large numbers doing different activities eg. 1. Reading books and doing their assignments 2. Playing several games i.e. letter matching, sand bitching and football, not forgetting rope skipping for girls 3. Story telling about their schools and positions at school. Some of the kids come with their younger siblings not only to learn but also to be at a...
Most of the kids attend the center during school holidays which normally comes on April, August and December. The activities they engage in most are 1.Reading and doing their assignments. 2.playing several games ie football, sand beaches. 3.Story telling about their school and positions at their schools. The best day at the center is on Saturday where the kids come in full even with their younger siblings only to play knowing that by the end of the day they wont leave with...
Presently Kenya has a system of education that is called (8-4-4} system which begins when a child is six years old. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years are taken to early childhood development centre which has three stages with one year in each stage ie 1.baby class (play group stage)-3 year old child 2.nursery class- 4 year old child 3.pre-unit class- 5 year old child. All stages are compulsory to every child before joining class one which is the...
HOW I ENDED MY FIRST TERM It was on thursday when our teacher told us about a trip which was to be on 8/8/14. We were to travel from 6 am with 5 teachers and 40 pupils. We boarded a bus called KNUT. The first place to visit was  at sagana fisheries where we saw different fish species eg madfish, starfish and tilapia. We also went to mwea tebere irrigation sheme and saw how rice was grown. Also at the factory we saw some packages eg some brands which included...

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