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Welcome to our blog

This blog is our window to the rest of the world. Through this platform our sponsored children, the teachers, our mentors, volunteer workers and other KCE staff can share their personal experiences of our projects, our activities, the Education Centre and much much more.

The blog is our way of sharing and communicating all the fun and developing things happening here at KCE in this otherwise quite tough world.  We also want to provide these smart and creative children a "voice of their own", so that they can tell you their own stories and share their thoughts with people outside of the Kibera area. This is also a great opportunity for you to peek into this exciting and adventurous lifestyle, and also become a part of these youngsters life through the KCE blog.

“We are stronger when we listen, and smarter when we share.” ― Rania Al-Abdullah  

So please feel free to enable the function of two-way communication and comment on the blog updates.     .  
Most of the kids attend the center during school holidays which normally comes on April, August and December. The activities they engage in most are 1.Reading and doing their assignments. 2.playing several games ie football, sand beaches. 3.Story telling about their school and positions at their schools. The best day at the center is on Saturday where the kids come in full even with their younger siblings only to play knowing that by the end of the day they wont leave with...
Presently Kenya has a system of education that is called (8-4-4} system which begins when a child is six years old. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years are taken to early childhood development centre which has three stages with one year in each stage ie 1.baby class (play group stage)-3 year old child 2.nursery class- 4 year old child 3.pre-unit class- 5 year old child. All stages are compulsory to every child before joining class one which is the...
HOW I ENDED MY FIRST TERM It was on thursday when our teacher told us about a trip which was to be on 8/8/14. We were to travel from 6 am with 5 teachers and 40 pupils. We boarded a bus called KNUT. The first place to visit was  at sagana fisheries where we saw different fish species eg madfish, starfish and tilapia. We also went to mwea tebere irrigation sheme and saw how rice was grown. Also at the factory we saw some packages eg some brands which included...
As an organization we participate in various sporting activities like soccer for both boys and girls and netball for girls. This we normally do during Kenyan school holidays that normally comes in April, August and December. Sporting activities have helped us as teachers to teach children important aspects of life that sometimes are never acquired in school. Some of the lessons sporting activities impart to children at the center are:  1. Sporting activities at...
July 23, 2014 | 0 comments
My name is  Don Ochieng Owiti, am 17 years old. I am one of the sponsored children at KCE. I am in form four at Olympic High School and doing my final High school exams this year. I have a brother who is also sponsored in this same organization. I was sponsored in the year 2011 after doing my primary exams and performing well. Since being sponsored the organization has transformed me greatly and the kibera community at large. The organization has transformed the...
Muslims across the world, including Kibera where  30% of the residents are Muslims, are all in celebration to mark there greatest religious world event which normally comes with various rules on fasting  and times to pray. Ramadan is the month when Koran was revealed to the prophet. Muslims are therefore expected to dedicate themselves to prayer and reading of Koran. This explains the need to fast. At the center  we have two children who have joined...
Most of the world have high temperatures now, but it is winter season here in Kenya again. The temperatures are very low, particularly in the morning and during the nights, so it is encouraging for one to carry a sweater because it may extend to September. It is also nice to have some warm food and drink when you think it is a little bit
On the 5th of July we wrote about the political tension in Kenya and the mass action, populary known as Saba Saba. On the 7th of July demonstrations took place in Nairobi and we had to keep the centre closed. They made 13 resolutions as follows; 1.We today launch OKOA KENYA, a peoples movement to defend our constitution, support one another in good and in bad times, protect the gains we have made in our democratic governance and rededicate ourselves to national unity...
Raila Amollo Odinga (born January 7, 1945), also popularly known to Kenyans as Agwambo, is the Prime Minister of Kenya in a coalition government. Since the return of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga from a 3 month holiday in Boston America on 31/5/14, Kenyan political scene has been a bee hive of activities that has led to the rise in political temperatures. Raila Odinga has been demanding for national  dialogue with the government to...
After a three month volunteer period in Nairobi at KCE I’m now back in Sweden to continue the work as a board member. Before I left for Kibera in January 2014 I had no idea what to expect  from KCE and Kibera, so a bit confused I got on the plane from Copenhagen towards my new home and workplace. During my time at KCE in Kibera I fell in love with the culture, the centre and all wonderful and blithesome people I met in my daily interactions. Before I left I knew THAT I...

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MAKE A DIFFERENCE September 11, 2013 | 0 comments

"We must do all that we can, to give our children the best in education and social upbringing - for while they are the youth of today, they shall be the leaders of tomorrow." ― John F. Kennedy Become a sponsor for... Read more

CORONA VIRUS INFORMATION April 4, 2020 | 0 comments

Corona virus has spread to Kenya and all schools have closed. So the KCE centre in Kibera is also closed for now. There is a curfew all night in Nairobi and lots of businesses have closed as well, so there is a lot less people and traffic around. Our staff Liz and Snaida are cleaning and disinfecting the centre with the help of Boniface, a former sponsored student. We want to keep the staff and the centre during these trying... Read more

CHRISTMAS PARTY January 24, 2020 | 0 comments

KCE had our traditional Christmas party in December. It was very popular with lots of food, cake, singing and dancing. This year more kids attended than ever before! CEO Anna Svanberg, from Move Management, one of our main sponsors, visited our centre in Kibera for Christmas. In the picture staff Snaida, Emma and Liz meet with Anna and her family. We are really glad that Anna could Read more

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