Big thank you Move Management

We the sponsored children of kibera children education say hello to all the Move Management staff.Its been long since you started supporting us.You have been with us through from primary up to now that some of us are in secondary school.We want to thank you sincerely for making our education here in kibera slums possible.You have made this possible because you have been paying our school fees hence keeping us in school always.
We are grateful because some of us come from very poor backgrounds,some children are orphaned,some have their parents separated and that were it not for your support and endurance in this course,some of us would have been street children. We are very grateful for your support.
The library here in Kenya gives us a humble time to concentrate and read during the holidays.It also helps us to refresh our minds through playing different types of games found in the library that were funded by you.The games have been of help more so in our neurological and development of our psycho-motor skills.
We are very thankful for your support,just as your name suggest you have made us move from ignorance to knowledge and from hopelessness to dreams that would help us fight poverty that has bedeviled most children in kibera .On behalf of others we say THANK YOU and may God bless you abundantly.