Flavian Anyango from St Mary´s Lwak High School located in Nyanza

Our school motto is "In pursuit of excellence and integrity".
Here the pupils get all their basic needs in school and there is high
level of discipline from both the pupils and the teachers. The school
has facilities which makes it a better place for learning. It has also
a well equipped laboratory for experiments. There is also a well
equipped library in Nyanza and water supply is in plenty. We also have
clubs and society which enables us to go for school trips and
associate with other pupils from different schools.

The school has two buses which enables transportation. We also have
four slices of bread daily in our school which is a rare thing in
other schools in Kenya. The school also has a canteen where you can eat
additional meal using your own money. We also have students meetings
where we express our problems which are facing us within the school
then they are being solved.

Generally I like my school.

Author: Flavian Anyango