Kids love their school because…

Most Kibera roads are normally full of kids dressed in various school uniforms every early morning be it on a cold,misty or rainy morning.The interest these kids have in school made me ask them why they love school.Most of them said that they love school because of the following reasons ;
1. They learn different subjects that would help them later in pursuing different careers.
2. They learn self etiquette and discipline.
3. They play different games which are not possible to play in Kibera because of lack of play grounds brought about by congestion of the residential houses.
4. They learn to socialise because at school they meet different people including teachers and pupils who are not members of their families.
5. They acquire the English language that enables them to communicate to their sponsors who do not understand their local and swahili languages.
6.They enjoy peace while at school, peace never exists in their homes due to domestic,political and social violence.
7.They are able to fight poverty when they get jobs after schooling.