Political tension in Kenya

Raila Amollo Odinga (born January 7, 1945), also popularly known to Kenyans as Agwambo, is the Prime Minister of Kenya in a coalition government.


Since the return of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga from a 3 month holiday in Boston America on 31/5/14, Kenyan political scene has been a bee hive of activities that has led to the rise in political temperatures.
Raila Odinga has been demanding for national  dialogue with the government to address issues that have been affecting Kenyans lives which includes; [separator]


2.unemployment among youth

3.high cost of living which has made inflation to hit at 7.39% in June from 7.30%  in May

4.failure to implement devolution as enshrined in constitution

5.ethnicity in public appointments

6.implementation of truth, justice and reconciliation report which was to address historical injustices meted upon Kenyans by our first leaders

7.disbandment of independent  and boundary commission which opposition claims did not carry out free, fair and transparent elections


The opposition leader gave an ultimatum that failure by the government to convene national dialogue conference will make him lead Kenyans to mass action on 7/7/2014, popularly known as Saba Saba (7/7) in our local dialect.


Author: Dominic Omondi, teacher