The end of second term break

The schools are now opening from Monday for the third term. This is a term which determines whether you will move to the next class or not. If you wont make it to the next level you are the repeater but if you make it you are called promoted. Probably those who repeat the classes are the last ten pupils from each class at primary level. But at secondary level it keeps on varying, ie it can be from grade D and below. This is a term where no pupil is relaxed to avoid humiliation during the end of the term. For the secondary students those who attain the last position in some schools they are being told to remain behind for another one week for revision purposes. The competition is not only for the pupils but the teachers too, they are supposed to accomplish the syllabus before end year exams. This is mainly because the exams settings for the term covers the whole syllabus. The most important thing is that K.C.P.E (Kenya certificate for primary education) and K.C.S.E (Kenya certificate of secondary education) are done during this term.