By Dominic

Whenever I go around the slums of kibera, I am filled by the impression I get from the faces of the kids around.When I see these kids I see great future leaders and I also see my  picture as a little Dominic with no parents to give me a shoulder to lean on in case of any adversity.I once witnessed the deplorable and hopeless life these children go through.It really motivates me to move forward in serving these children.
As a kid I had a dream ,a dream of life not to benefit myself but a dream to make change in a community that cared less about the very many orphans living in kibera. A change that could see orphaned children treated equally as other children in all aspects of life including education.
I was thinking of how I could serve kibera  until the year 2012 when Kibera Children Education gave me such opportunity.We all have different dreams but most of us we fear to share it out .We worry too much of the negative outcomes.I have learnt that worry attracts fear and if you are fearful,you are also too scared to even try what you know.Always be strong and still to what you believe in .Lets all work together by sharing with others our unique dreams ,since we are all called in a different mission and it is only through working together that we will be able to bring the change we want .Two heads are better than one,for we all reason differently,but we can always come to a conclusion for understanding is there.