My first day in high school by Grace Apondi

Grace Apondi is my name, and a Sponsored kid at Kibera Children’s Education.
I was so excited when i learnt that i was going to join  a boarding school, far away from my mother and my siblings. At first i was so scared but later i gained strenghth after i learnt that we were going to be four of us, all from the sponsorship.
On our reporting day, we were accompanied by our parents and teacher Liz who is our mentor at the centre, we boarded a matatu which took us from the centre to the new school, on our arrival the reality hit my head and i began to cry because i knew i was going to spend most of my time away from the people i knew.
Our luggages were inspected with matron on our arrival,  making sure the school rules and regulation are comprehended, after the inspection, we were provided with the right school,  i had never imagined that one day i will be on a track suits.
What i can actually say is ” ahsante KCE”,( thank you KCE),  for bringing me this far.