Hope at long last by Susan Achieng

Following my poor academic performance in standard six at Ayany primary school in the year 2012,the teachers at the school; decided that I  should repeat the same class in 2013.Due to my age that was 13 years by then ,I felt ashamed that children younger than me would be catching up with me in the same class.I later accepted that if I was to repeat then it should be in another school far away from kibera where nobody knows me.
I appreciate my sponsors for making it possible and transferring me to Kings Educational school.Kings educational school is in kitengela in the outskirts of Nairobi about 10 kilometers from the city center.My new school is better than Ayany primary in several ways.


1. I get enough time to study because its a boarding school.
2.Teachers are hard working and since joining the school my academic performance has improved.
3.My new school has lesser pupils compared to Ayany,this makes it easier for teachers to have the attention of all the children.
4.Children in my new school are very disciplined and less violent compared to children in Ayany,this makes studying environment very conducive.
5.Competition for class positions in my new school is very high,this gives me the courage to work more hard in my academic work.
I  hope to do well in my class eight exams next year.