The stories of two sponsored kids from Nairobi. So wonderful to read what KCE has meant to them

I am Lilian Monyani,born and brought up in Kibera slums from a family of seven with both parents.At this time our futures were uncertain, due to the huge number of siblings and the poverty state, my parents were unable to support all of us hence living from hand to mouth. Luckily at a young age through the school we were at, my sister and I got scholarship from an organization which has been able to support us all through. It has taken us through the education system furthermore provided us with food and some of our basic needs.We do not have to be great to start, but start to be great. Kibera Children Educational center (KCE) does this best by providing children both physical,emotional, psychological and financial needs,hence reducing drugs and substance abuse from youths.Most times children are at the center either doing art work, studying,games and even competitions among themselves. The organization provides books, playing games like football,ludos e.t.c. furthermore there are teachers who coach pupils every now and then, all this personally has enabled me to grow and also transition from my childhood to adulthood.It has enabled not only me but also other children to have strong minds and equip all of us with skills needed to create an equitable chance to academic success.It instills confidence, creative problem solving skills, communication skills and resilience to life challenges. In the slums there are lots of challenges but with KCE organization one is able to cope and transition successfuly.Personally I’ve gone through CBC, Primary,secondary and tertiary education through the help of KCE, being an alumni of it,it has taught me to keep moving,be strong and put my head up. At the moment I have a course in Community health and social work and granting my services back to the community its a pleasure. Always remember to stay motivated. The power to be the change we want to see is on our hands.We have liberty to choose our actions.Liberty to see opportunities out of challenges.No matter what you are going through always remember to stay motivated and true to your self,stay blessed as you persue your goals,strive to be a better you than yesterday and remember to keep the right circle with you.

I was taken to the center as a kid beacuse it was a source of hope for kids in the slum. I was taught how to read, write and speak good English. My education was catered for from lower primary until university where I completed my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality management. A kid from the slum who had no hope now works and able to earn a decent salary. I am aiming higher at my career level and with the knowledge gained through help from KCE I believe I Will attain all my goals. Thanks to Kibera Children Education center for continually touching vulnerable kid’s lives.