The most enriching time of my life

After a three month volunteer period in Nairobi at KCE I’m now back in Sweden to continue the work as a board member. Before I left for Kibera in January 2014 I had no idea what to expect  from KCE and Kibera, so a bit confused I got on the plane from Copenhagen towards my new home and workplace. During my time at KCE in Kibera I fell in love with the culture, the centre and all wonderful and blithesome people I met in my daily interactions. Before I left I knew THAT I WANTED to do volunteer work but now after this experience I also know WHY I NEEDED to do this type of work, because the love and appreciation I got from these smart and playful kids in return for my contributions was so rewarding and motivating.


I not only made friends for life and helped these kids towards a brighter future, they also helped me understand what’s important in life and the importance of living in the moment!


Author: Carl-Johan Haglund, Board Member KCE

How to prepare dried meat stew

Many people in Kenya think that dried meat stew is very delicious, so we thought of sharing this recipe with you. We eat it with rice or ugali, a dish of maize flour cooked with water to a porridge- or dough-like consistency.
250g dried meat
4 carrots
curry powder
2 onions
1 bunch of kale
50g cooking fat
3 tomatoes
1. soak the meat for 30-40 minutes then cut into small pieces
2. cut onions and fry in fat till soft.
3. add the meat and fry till brown.
4. add tomatoes, curry powder
and salt.
5. add water and cook slowly.
6.wash and cut the kale then add into the meat. Cook until almost ready.
7. add carrots and cook for another 5 minutes.

Serve with hot rice

Girls discuss…

In our group discussion, we discussed about dressing code. The question was: how are we supposed to dress? We should dress up in a way we feel comfortable and also consider weather.
1.Diana: I feel comfortable when I am simple and smart.
2.Mary: I wear light clothes when it is particularly hot
3.Phenny: I follow fashions so as to cop up with every trend in town