Presenting our staff at KCE centre 2024

Hello, my name is Sinaida jumba a staff at KCE.. I specialize in taking care of the young kids in terms of early childhood education.that is playing puzzles , reading out storybooks,, painting and other activities… I love my work.

My name is Elizabeth Opondo, a staff at KCE, am in charge of administration  and finances at the centre. I do the co ordination of both the staff and kids and all the activities at the centre. I am a Diploma holder in project management and social studies. I was sponsored by the KCE management board. Working with kids is my passion.

My name is Grace Apondi,an alumni of Kibera Children Education and I work at the Centre. My primary responsibilities include maintaining cleanliness and preparing porridge for the kids on Saturdays. Additionally, I assist with various activities, such as helping the kids with their assignments after school.

Hej! My name is Desmond and i am so passionate on improving the well-being of young people all over. Please find what i do at the Library;  Teach music, Conducting team building sessions for the kids, Photography, Assisting in reading sessions and tutoring for the children, Boys mentoring, and any other task assigned by my leaders.

From Left Desmond, Grace, Sinaida and Elizabeth.