Thank you all sponsors by Dominic

I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to all people who are behind the growth of Kibera Children Education.It is through your support that KCE is moving on.All thanks goes to those who have contributed ideas,financial support and their time to ensure that the fire continues to burn.
Everyday I wake up in the morning I am always filled with happiness when I meet some of these children smiling on their way to school.In the evening the joy comes again when KCE compound is full of noise of the kids playing .This was the world that I wanted to see and I’m touched by the progress.I enjoy the happiness and change that we have initiated.I will never forget in my life all those  who give their dollars to support these kids so that they can have a decent education.
THANK YOU ALL FOR CONTRIBUTING in this journey of changing lives of the needy.

By Dominic

Whenever I go around the slums of kibera, I am filled by the impression I get from the faces of the kids around.When I see these kids I see great future leaders and I also see my  picture as a little Dominic with no parents to give me a shoulder to lean on in case of any adversity.I once witnessed the deplorable and hopeless life these children go through.It really motivates me to move forward in serving these children.
As a kid I had a dream ,a dream of life not to benefit myself but a dream to make change in a community that cared less about the very many orphans living in kibera. A change that could see orphaned children treated equally as other children in all aspects of life including education.
I was thinking of how I could serve kibera  until the year 2012 when Kibera Children Education gave me such opportunity.We all have different dreams but most of us we fear to share it out .We worry too much of the negative outcomes.I have learnt that worry attracts fear and if you are fearful,you are also too scared to even try what you know.Always be strong and still to what you believe in .Lets all work together by sharing with others our unique dreams ,since we are all called in a different mission and it is only through working together that we will be able to bring the change we want .Two heads are better than one,for we all reason differently,but we can always come to a conclusion for understanding is there.


My first day in high school by Grace Apondi

Grace Apondi is my name, and a Sponsored kid at Kibera Children’s Education.
I was so excited when i learnt that i was going to join  a boarding school, far away from my mother and my siblings. At first i was so scared but later i gained strenghth after i learnt that we were going to be four of us, all from the sponsorship.
On our reporting day, we were accompanied by our parents and teacher Liz who is our mentor at the centre, we boarded a matatu which took us from the centre to the new school, on our arrival the reality hit my head and i began to cry because i knew i was going to spend most of my time away from the people i knew.
Our luggages were inspected with matron on our arrival,  making sure the school rules and regulation are comprehended, after the inspection, we were provided with the right school,  i had never imagined that one day i will be on a track suits.
What i can actually say is ” ahsante KCE”,( thank you KCE),  for bringing me this far.


Hope at long last by Susan Achieng

Following my poor academic performance in standard six at Ayany primary school in the year 2012,the teachers at the school; decided that I  should repeat the same class in 2013.Due to my age that was 13 years by then ,I felt ashamed that children younger than me would be catching up with me in the same class.I later accepted that if I was to repeat then it should be in another school far away from kibera where nobody knows me.
I appreciate my sponsors for making it possible and transferring me to Kings Educational school.Kings educational school is in kitengela in the outskirts of Nairobi about 10 kilometers from the city center.My new school is better than Ayany primary in several ways.


1. I get enough time to study because its a boarding school.
2.Teachers are hard working and since joining the school my academic performance has improved.
3.My new school has lesser pupils compared to Ayany,this makes it easier for teachers to have the attention of all the children.
4.Children in my new school are very disciplined and less violent compared to children in Ayany,this makes studying environment very conducive.
5.Competition for class positions in my new school is very high,this gives me the courage to work more hard in my academic work.
I  hope to do well in my class eight exams next year.


Porridge being one of the meals at the center on Saturdays,we thought it wise to inform you of the ingredients and methods used in its preparation.
1.Put water that would be enough for the people to get served in a sufuria.
2.Put the sufuria with water in a source of heat(At the center we use coal as a source of heat).
3.Mix water with flour in a separate container and stir until a solution of water and flour is formed.
4.Immediately the water in the sufuria begins to boil pour the solution of flour and water in it.
5.Stir the whole mixture in the sufuria continuously with a cooking stick until it starts to boil.
6.Leave it to boil for between  5-10 minutes before removing the sufuria from the source of heat.
7.Cool the porridge and serve it to your guests.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru kenyatta has appointed Deputy president William Samoei Ruto as acting president for the time he will be away.


This follows International criminal court summon that president Uhuru kenyatta received recently.


President kenyatta has done this following the spirit of the Kenyan constitution that says “When the president is absent or temporarily incapacitated and during any other time that the president decides the Deputy president shall act as president.”

President kenyatta is expected at the International criminal court in Hague Netherlands on 8th October this year.

From Geoffery Mwicha 14 years old.

My name is Geoffrey Mwicha ,I am 14 years old and in standard eight at Toi primary school.I lost both my parents at an early age and this forced me to put up with my grand parents who are in their seventies and hence cannot do any job to provide for basic rights and needs for themselves,my siblings and I.
I thank KCE and all the sponsors for stepping in to ensure that I get all that I need in education.I also thank KCE for giving me a place to call home after our single roomed house got burnt to dust recently.
I now have a place to lay my head, a place to study and revise for my standard eight exams that are set to begin on 4th November.I also get all the meals at the center.Despite all the challenges,I thank KCE for the hope they have given me in life and l will not be deterred to succeed.