Letter from staffmember Emma

We are fine and thanking God for the rains after a long time. As we come to the closure of the year the kids are looking forward to the annual party that we do for them, they are so excited and talking bout it every day. This year our school calendar was changed by the education ministry and schools closed the first week of November hence we have had a good turn up of the kids everyday and we have been keeping them busy at the centre. This year we dint have students in Primary school seating for their final primary exam, so we will not have any student joining form one next year. In high school we have five students who are currently doing their final exam which will end on 2nd of December and we are praying and hoping that they will do their very best.
Due to the change of the calendar schools will reopen early the first week of January.
In Kenya currently the political climate is so high since we shall not have election in December as the norm but in August so the campaigns have already started and we are praying that they shall be peaceful and we request you pray for us so that we do not go the 2007 way. Currently we are experiencing drought in some part of the county like Kilifi where deaths have been reported but we thank God for the rains that just started and we hope that it continues to rain as the cost of food has already gone up. but we pray that all shall be well.
Thank you for your continued support and i shall send more updates after the party with Pictures of the party as well and hope to get pictures of snow as well to share with the kids during the party