We are all well and the kids are home enjoying the holidays. They closed school and doing other activities including playing with the games you at KCE board  brought with you. Schools will be opened  3rd of May.
Photos of dancing. They are doing as well during this holiday.

Kind regards

Emma Marichu




Dominic say thank you for the visit and the support

Thank you very much for coming to spend with our kids and to see our work,it was really a great pleasure meeting you.We are happy to welcome you to kibera children education family.We appreciate your interest in the growth of the organization and thanks for the gifts you brought to our organization and children.
There are many things we can do, but to embrace people we need the heart with,full of love and compassionate.This is what you have done during your visits to kibera.You have embraced kibera children education and given each one of us your whole hearted service.We appreciate you for everything.We don’t say goodbye because you will always be with us in our thoughts and in our daily prayer.THANK YOU Come again.This is your second home and Family.Asante sana Marafiki !!!
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