My Home

My home is a single roomed with my mother being the bread winner of the family. Its tough but what I believe is, when the tough gets  going the going gets tough, that’s the word to use. I believe after my education I would identify my career for a bright future. Its so weird that my mum leaves very early in the morning and comes home late at night, I rarely have  time to discuss my matters with my mum whenever an urgency arises. I feel lonely most of the time, unlike most of families that shares their views together. With the help of my teachers at Tumaini and the Girls group discussion, makes me relieve when we share our problems and a solution is found.


Boys Garden

Everyday when I wake up, I always think of the garden in KCE Centre, it was such a wonderful idea after our discussion that we needed to dig, and plant as well. At 4.30pm when the bell rings, I always pack my bag to rush to the centre, where my first stop is always the backyard where the garden is. It is my duty to make sure that the plants are watered daily and weeds removed from time to time. We have a co operative team where some of the boys do take care of the flowers.


In the garden we have sukuma wiki and spinach plantation and they are doing well, we have made several harvests and sold them to buy more seeds. This is also a way of practicing Agriculture.


Our boy group team has 10 strong members, we wish to have a bigger garden in future so that we can plant more plants.