Summer letter

Hi kce,

I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. we are all fine and looking forward to closing of schools in a weeks time, where we will have a bigger group attending center activities. the activities having been going on well and experiencing growth every weekend as we are involving them in more activities on Saturdays and also due to the games you brought us. So far we have thirty three new kids attending where we hope to have more during the two weeks school recess.
Second term has been full of challenges in our boarding schools here in Kenya, as we have been experiencing alot of school unrest where by students have been burning school as a way of expressing there grievances. So far 74 schools have been burnt down by students which is so sad, we are thanking God as non of our students schools have experienced such challenges and we are hopping that we shall not have any, though today we were informed that Ruthimitu form four students were sent home after they refused to sit for there annual mock exam claiming that the exams were hard, the principal of the school sent them home to avoid incitement of the other students which might have resulted to the same unrest being experienced in other schools.
Kind regards

Emma Marichu