The strike is called off.

All Kenyan teachers called off their ten day strike and are expected to work on Monday the 19th Jan 2015. This was after an industrial court ruled that teachers go back to work as talks between the teachers employer and the teachers union proceed.The court accepted to arbitrate between the teachers employer and the unions.
This ruling was a relief to most of Kenyan children who had been at home from the time teachers unions declared their strike that began on 5th Jan 2015.

Teachers strike

This years education calendar has began with much hopelessness after Kenya’s National Union Teachers (KNUT) declared a national work boycott for teachers who are its members.The schools have remained closed from 5th January,2015  the day the schools were set to be opened after the very long holidays that began for the kids on 14th November,2014.It is indefinite as to when teachers would resume work.The teachers insist that the Government has to increase their basic pay before they resume work.The Government though has stood its ground stating that they have no money.
During such confrontations between our Government and the teachers it’s the children who suffer most.I thank our organization for having come up with a noble idea for establishing a library that helps in serving the kids during such calamities as strike.Since the beginning of the strike our library has always been full of kids who miss their books and teachers.We have always been their for kids since the strike began.
by Dominic