Thanks by Dominic

I thank KCE and all those involved for having chosen to work with children instead of the many issues that bedevil the Kibera society like poverty,insecurity,corruption and diseases.
It is always said that children are our future leaders.If they  are well educated we shall have a very admirable society in the future because they will carry with them the education given to the future.Once children are given good education poverty will be greatly reduced ,insecurity will be forgotten because no one will be interested in stealing a neighbors property since he or she can afford the same .Diseases will also be well managed because children will be taught merits of proper dieting,physical exercises and cleanliness.
It is our responsibility as adults to be good role models and provide for the needs of these children in education. If all are committed in children’s education it will help in changing the world.

Kids love their school because…

Most Kibera roads are normally full of kids dressed in various school uniforms every early morning be it on a cold,misty or rainy morning.The interest these kids have in school made me ask them why they love school.Most of them said that they love school because of the following reasons ;
1. They learn different subjects that would help them later in pursuing different careers.
2. They learn self etiquette and discipline.
3. They play different games which are not possible to play in Kibera because of lack of play grounds brought about by congestion of the residential houses.
4. They learn to socialise because at school they meet different people including teachers and pupils who are not members of their families.
5. They acquire the English language that enables them to communicate to their sponsors who do not understand their local and swahili languages.
6.They enjoy peace while at school, peace never exists in their homes due to domestic,political and social violence.
7.They are able to fight poverty when they get jobs after schooling.

Career by Asha Mohammed

Kibera as a community has great influence on the career a child born and bread in kibera undertakes in life .ASHA MOHAMMED had this to say :
My name is Asha Mohammed.I am 13 years old and in class eight.I am one of the best debaters in our school.When I grow I would like to be a lawyer. I have chosen Law as a profession so that I can help children in kibera.I would like to be children’s lawyer in order to help kibera children who go through a number of vices such as rape,child labor and child torture by parents and teachers through caning at homes and in schools respectively.
Apart from legally protecting children I would also like to sponsor vulnerable children to school by buying them clothing,food and paying for their school fees.I will also urge them to work hard in school and take good careers after school.I will also work hard and ensure that those children addicted to drugs and substances stop doing so and live productive lives.