Don Ochieng Owiti

My name is  Don Ochieng Owiti, am 17 years old. I am one of the sponsored children at KCE. I am in form four at Olympic High School and doing my final High school exams this year. I have a brother who is also sponsored in this same organization. I was sponsored in the year 2011 after doing my primary exams and performing well.
Since being sponsored the organization has transformed me greatly and the kibera community at large. The organization has transformed the education lives of many children in kibera that would have been buried were it not for you. The organization has ensured that the children are provided with the necessary learning materials, paying their school fees in time and ensuring that nothing hinders their growth educationally.
Despite sponsoring kids education,the organization has also set up a centre where both sponsored kids and non sponsored kids can go read, do their homework and get assistance with school work from our able teachers at the Centre. Children are also allowed to borrow books which are normally returned after one  has read, this has enabled many children to perform well in school. Our parents have also been great full for all that the organization does in the provision of books, because buying books is normally expensive bearing in mind that Kibera is a slum and associated with high levels of poverty.
Despite of books in the centre the organization also has different playing materials for the kids.Many children spend their time in the centre normally on Saturdays, this has enabled children to keep off vices that are associated with slum life. Indeed KCE has become my second home.
Author: Don Ochieng Owitit

Ramadan Celebrations

Muslims across the world, including Kibera where  30% of the residents are Muslims, are all in celebration to mark there greatest religious world event which normally comes with various rules on fasting  and times to pray. Ramadan is the month when Koran was revealed to the prophet. Muslims are therefore expected to dedicate themselves to prayer and reading of Koran. This explains the need to fast.
At the center  we have two children who have joined their fellow faithfuls in celebrating Ramadan. Ramadan starts on 1st or 2nd of July and lasts for  a period of 29 or  30 days depending on the crescent of the  moon.

The celebration comes in with a few  rules;

1.All Muslims participating in Ramadan are expected to  wake up at 3am in the morning to eat, prayer comes in at 5am after eating. One is expected not to eat anything the whole day till 6pm in the evening. This timetable is to be followed for the 29 or 30 days during Ramadan.

2.The sick and pregnant women are not allowed to participate in Ramadan.

3.Ladies undergoing menstrual cycle are also not allowed to participate in Ramadan.

4.There should be no sexual engagement among participants even for the married couples during this Ramadan period


Author: Dominic Omindi, teacher

Temperatures are low right now

Most of the world have high temperatures now, but it is winter season here in Kenya again. The temperatures are very low, particularly in the morning and during the nights, so it is encouraging for one to carry a sweater because it may extend to September. It is also nice to have some warm food and drink when you think it is a little bit cold.


Göra eld mat




Saba Saba Resolutions

On the 5th of July we wrote about the political tension in Kenya and the mass action, populary known as Saba Saba. On the 7th of July demonstrations took place in Nairobi and we had to keep the centre closed.
They made 13 resolutions as follows;
1.We today launch OKOA KENYA, a peoples movement to defend our constitution, support one another in good and in bad times, protect the gains we have made in our democratic governance and rededicate ourselves to national unity and peaceful co-exsistance
2. Demand the current administration to address the escalating cost of living by reviewing taxation regime failure to which we will boycott consumption of goods and services whose prices are beyond the reach of common man and commence commercial suctions against companies which continue to ignore our plight
3. Convince an all inclusive national referendum committee for the purpose of preparing the people of Kenya for a referendum
4. Mandate the national referendum committee to ensure maximum participation for the people of Kenya at the county, sub county and ward level all over Kenya in formulating referendum questions, collecting one million signatures to initiate the referendum process
5. Having lost confidence on the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) we now demand its immediate disbandment and establishment of a new electoral body
6. Demand immediate end to corruption, wasteful spending reckless borrowing within and by the current administration
7. Demand that the Govt takes immediate steps to withdrawal our gallant solders from Somalia and join our forces in securing our National from home
8. Demand that the current administration takes visible and decisive actions to deal with run away security
9. Reject attempts by the executive through Govt to bastardize the report of the truth justice and reconciliation commission and demand immediate implementation of the original report
10Demand that the current administration immediately address underlying land issues that are at the heart of the most enduring historical injustices and conflicts in our society
11Demand national audit and publication by the public service commission of all appointments made in public services by the current administration with full details listing names ethnic backgrounds and percentages
12.Recognizing the current administration has failed to apply national resources equitably across the country, we demand 40% of the projected ordinary revenue of the current fiscal year be allocated to the county government
13.Demand national audit on how resources at the disposal of the national current administration are applied across the country
Author: Dominic Omondi, teacher

Political tension in Kenya

Raila Amollo Odinga (born January 7, 1945), also popularly known to Kenyans as Agwambo, is the Prime Minister of Kenya in a coalition government.


Since the return of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga from a 3 month holiday in Boston America on 31/5/14, Kenyan political scene has been a bee hive of activities that has led to the rise in political temperatures.
Raila Odinga has been demanding for national  dialogue with the government to address issues that have been affecting Kenyans lives which includes; [separator]


2.unemployment among youth

3.high cost of living which has made inflation to hit at 7.39% in June from 7.30%  in May

4.failure to implement devolution as enshrined in constitution

5.ethnicity in public appointments

6.implementation of truth, justice and reconciliation report which was to address historical injustices meted upon Kenyans by our first leaders

7.disbandment of independent  and boundary commission which opposition claims did not carry out free, fair and transparent elections


The opposition leader gave an ultimatum that failure by the government to convene national dialogue conference will make him lead Kenyans to mass action on 7/7/2014, popularly known as Saba Saba (7/7) in our local dialect.


Author: Dominic Omondi, teacher