Susanne Jacobsson

“My first visit to Nairobi and the large slum area called Kibera was in 2004. Of course I was saddened by the poverty and overcrowding, but I was also filled with hope when meeting the children. They were curious, filled with energy and dreams about a better future. To support KCE centre has been a way to support some of these children, my husband and I have also sponsored a girl through both primary and secondary school and now she is  studying Information Technology at the university! A small monthly contribution for us has probably been life changing for her and her family. I am so happy to be part of KCE.”

Kajsa Andreasson

“My name is Kajsa, and I am a member of the board of KCE. I work as an archaeologist in the region of Gothenburg. I think it is important to support young people in their effort to study and improve their lives and the surrounding society.”

Marta Andreasson Köhler

”Five  years ago I visited the KCE-centre together with Karina, and I was so impressed by the activities there and the dedicated work of the staff. It made me immediately decide to support the center as a monthly sponsor!
This year, 2017, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days at the centre again, and I got to know the staff and the children a little bit better. The centre has now grown bigger, more kids are coming every day and more teachers are working there.
After that I was asked to be a deputy member of the board, which I gladly accepted, and my wish is that the KCE- centre can remain and develop even more in the future! ”

Amanda Pedersen

”My passion and mission is to make it possible for all children to have access to education and a meaningful pastime when they can play, learn and progress in different ways. I have a degree in global studies and economics. I lived in Nairobi for two time-periods, 2007 and 2007-2009”.

Steve Carlsson

”My name is Steve Carlsson and I work with logistics. If one at a young age has seen and experienced the injustices of the world, it feels natural to contribute to the education of particularly unprivileged children, in this case in the slums of Nairobi”.

Karina Djurner

“Hi, my name is Karina. I have previously worked as a High School director at Hulebäck High School. During this period I came into contact with a group of Swedish students who actively were involved in the development of the life situation of young people in Kibera, Nairobi. To contribute to the development of education, the work for a brighter future and an enhanced life standard for this demographic group in the slum of Kibera is according to me one of the most important things in life to engage and take part in.”